But I don’t really like lemonade. Also that’s not the recipe for lemonade. Life didn’t hand me two cups of sugar today, just lemons. Well, actually life also handed me a few sprigs of rosemary earlier - it grows all over in my town. So, I could make some rosemary lemon water, which I admit sounds light and refreshing, if not particularly sweet. Honestly, I don’t like my beverages to be too sweet. That’s why I don’t like lemonade: too much sugar. So, I guess life maybe knows what it’s doing.

My Mystery Man

Okay so this old white man (gotta be in his upper 70s) has shown up early to three of my shows so far. He first approached me before a show at 4th Tap a couple months ago. He was waiting in the parking lot in front of the building for me to come in. He approached me and told me he’d heard me on the radio and seen me do standup before and he wanted to talk to me about something that may or may not be related to farming and/or to comedy.
I wish I could remember everything he’s said to me, but I’ll just have to start recording our conversations in the future. So before the Good Set show, he said confusing things to me, said he'd like to meet up to discuss some things, if I was interested. And he handed me a manila envelope. It had an article that has to do with the water-irresponsible practices of California’s legal marijuana farmers. Apparently, there’s just not the regulation we desperately need them to have. Water is the number one problem we should all be concerned about, and ther…

Alamo Drafthouse

I love Alamo Drafthouse. It was a fantastic idea to have draft beers and better food at a studio movie grill type place. They do all kinds of fun events (sing-a-longs, old school or obscure movies, etc.), and some of the food is great (queso, loaded fries, fried pickles).

Some of the food is fine (mini banh mi hot dogs, hatch green chili pork stew, cookie trio, buffalo cauliflower). Some of the food is quite good (meatballs, avocado toast, the shrimp and broccolini dish).

However, their burgers are a problem. Twice now we've had the same experience. I'm posting this to remind myself, really, because I'd forgotten after the first time until being reminded by the exact same thing happening again.

We ordered one of their burgers and said, as we almost always do wherever we go, "medium rare, but, like, ere on the side of rare, because some chefs overcook whatever you ask for." The server said, "Gotcha, totally."

We then received medium well done burgers, wh…

Tyson's Tacos

The other day I needed a meal in the area, so I tried a mahi maho taco on corn. After tax it was 4.87.
The description says: "Mahi Mahi taco - blackened, napa slaw, mango salsa, sriracha aioli"
What arrived was a very dry little stick of mahi mahi. "Mango salsa" turned out to mean tiny unripe bits of mango and some red onion. "Napa slaw" meant a little chopped up Napa lettuce, which I'm not sure constitutes a slaw. The "sriracha aioli" was the spicy mayo you buy from the Asian isle at the store. The corn tortillas were store bought, and they were kind of hard.

Salsas they have: -red: very tomatoey, very mild -green: medium hot heat, avocado-y version of dona sauce, but not in a good way
They had water and cucumber water out, which was nice, and the patio seating is great. Being open 24 hours is awesome, as is being a block away from Coltowne Theater (check out the live standup up comedy at 10pm on Mondays and Fridays), but sadly they're pumpin…

A Guide to Dining in Coco Beach, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Stay at Ruby's! We found this gem on AirBnb and paid $46/night. It's a comfortable, quiet little hotel one block back from all the beach noise. One block to the west is main beach strip, and one block to the east is another little shopping center. Our first morning there, there were seven monkeys in the tree across the street.
The woman who runs the place is so friendly, and we made friends with her and her younger friend who was helping her. Each evening they offered us beers and when we could we sat down and practiced our Spanish with them. One morning we walked with them for about two hours along the beach, and they showed us the waterfall at the far end.
Right next door (on La Chorrera, just west of Cangrejos) is a wonderful little cafe we never would have noticed if we hadn't stayed there:
The Brisa Marina


-Try the coconut milk latte, made with small batch, hand-made coconut milk. It's usually ready at about 10am, and it's well wort…

701 Coffee

May 26th, 2016

I wouldn't be able to place money one way or the other as to whether the 40ish barista is a guy with long hair or an M to F. He or she doesn't seem concerned. He is kind. A sticker on the top right of the front door, where one might place a Yelp, Zagat, Visa, or Belly sticker, there is instead a sticker that proclaims this cafe a Safe Place, in a police badge-shaped rainbow decal. It's a common sighting for me this trip to Seattle, although I don't really know what it means. This sticker was on the door of a glasses shop I stopped in. What might happen at a non-Safe Place glasses store?

One of the free weeklies at this shop, The Stranger, features a full page advice article for women on how to masturbate ("When was the last time you sat down and took a good hard look at your pussy? Like got all fold, crease and flap?") The author dates men, but, when encouraging women to watch all the porn they want, her suggestion for circumventing the moral p…

Love Letter Adaptation Wins Oscar

The following was a writing exercise I did with a writers' group circa 2012, when I was about 26. I think the exercise was essentially to write a review, as if for a newspaper, about a movie called Love Letter winning an award. Love Letter as both a book and a movie, in this case, is fictive (although I believe there are at least a few books and movies with this title). Opinions expressed in this writing do not necessarily reflect my current or future beliefs.

Love Letter Adaptation Wins Oscar
Having apparently exhausted all potential film plot lines, Oscars are now being given out exclusive;y to historical pieces and sappy book adaptations as there is no other choice. Thus the guy who directed the adaptation of the predictable, mass-pleasing novel Love Letter accepted the Oscar last night for Best Picture.
This book was written by the same cynical at best, actually-that-much-of-a-pussy at worst asshole who brought us The Notebook. An unsettling two million people have read - or a…