Best Grits Ever at 4 Rivers Smokehouse

FA Rating: FFF
Price: $

4 Rivers (Winter Park in Orlando) is amazing! I had the brisket, and it was as good as the best I've ever had in Texas anywhere. One of my friends ordered the cheese grits, but they gave him cornbread instead, which was okay because he had never had cornbread before (he's from upstate NY), and when he tried it he said it was really good. The other friend we went with insisted on getting him his baked cheese grits though, so she went it to get them and came back with two sides. The first was more cornbread and the second was more fried okra. So then I tried the cornbread, and I said, "Mmm this stuff is good, but it isn't really like normal cornbread. It actually kind of tastes like cheesey gri...oh my god, that IS the cheese grits!" Best. Cheese grits. Ever. It comes in a "brick" as one guy said, but Ive never had grits as good as that (though I'm not big on grits in the first place, which is what makes it so remarkable that I loved these. My friends and I decided they should promote them thusly, "The grits are so good, you might mistake them for cornbread!").

Anyway, the cornbread salad is a cute concept but nothing particularly delicious. The fried okra are good as always, but they're still just fried okra. I HIGHLY recommend the baked cheese grits, the bbq beans (quite possibly the best bbq beans I've ever had), and the smokehouse corn. The fried pickles and mac & cheese are also solid choices. For dessert I had the Chocolate Awesomeness, and the name is, if anything, under exaggerating.

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