Hot Dog Who Cares?

I just don't see what the big deal is about Hot Dog Heaven in East Orlando. The buns are just like the cheap ones at the store except with some poppy seeds on them. The hot dogs themselves seem identical to the cheap ones at the store. And then they put some toppings on, all of which you could easily buy at the store.

I had the Reuben, and the sauerkraut wasn't even good. The fries are good, but nothing remarkable. And then they don't have ranch or any dipping sauces (unless you count mustard or ketchup, which I don't). That sucks for me because I can't even enjoy fries without something good in which to dip them. I eventually paid $.42 for some mayo, with which I mixed some salt, pepper, hot mustard and a little ketchup.

I had difficulty doing even this as the guy I asked about the ranch was dismissive of my requests and questions. His tone was basically, "We are too busy selling our amazing, authentic, Chicago-style hot dogs to deal with your dipping sauce needs. Who doesn't love the deliciousness of ketchup, anyway?" Ugh, tomato paste with corn syrup and a few spices, not exactly a culinary wonder. All of the other sides are just bland and run of the mill.

Furthermore they only serve Pepsi products. Blech.

FA Rating: f
Price: $
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