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Truffle Oil Dilemma & Piccolo Cafe

The prices at Piccolo (Manhattan: Union Square) won't bankrupt you (just be in the mood for smaller portions than the glutton in you desires), and the guys who work there are friendly. I tried to order the truffle mushroom bruschetta but was dissuaded by recommendation in favor of the truffle toast with mozzarella, truffle pate and black pepper.

If you noticed a theme, you're catching on. Truffle abounds on the menu. And my truffled out sandwich was totally yummy (if a bit small), thanks to the truffle and the really nice buffalo mozzarella.

If I ever make it around to going back a second time, it'll be to get the apparently famed truffle egg sandwich. I might, however, just buy some bulk truffle oil and make that myself! Then again, maybe truffle oil sucks. I guess if you like it, maybe you should just keep liking it, at least until you've tried the real thing and it's ruined for you. What's the point in ruining something people feel they're enjoying. If t…

Best Mozzarella at Broken English

FA Rating: FF
Price: $$

A customer at work had told me that the people at Broken English (Brooklyn: Cobble Hill) have their buffalo mozzarella imported from Italy every Thursday afternoon and that I needed to go get it in the caprese on a Thursday evening as it was the best mozzarella he had ever tasted.  Well it is now the best mozzarella I have ever tasted. You know how food reviewers like to use the word "revelatory"?  Well, this was.

(CLOSED) Fancy but Worth it: Tanuki Tavern

FA Rating: FFF Price: $$$

I prefer to go to restaurants whereto I can wear jeans and a t-shirt or, better yet, shorts and a t-shirt, so, though I'd had my eye on the menu at Tanuki Tavern (Meatpacking District) for quite some time, having wiped a bit of drool off my face the first time I read it, I hadn't gotten around to making the effort to going there until the other night when I was also socially compelled. And thank “god” I finally was.
Unfortunately not all of my friends were of the “duh of course we're all gonna try everything each other gets so that we may all experience the most possible dishes in one night” variety. Fortunately, my best foodie friend was there, though we were on opposite ends of the table, so we had to keep running over to each other with bites the other just had to have. Notably:
I started with a cocktail (they have a really interesting set of concoctions, though I still find $12 to be a bit of an ass kicking). I had the Nashi Margarita: Milag…