Truffle Oil Dilemma & Piccolo Cafe

The prices at Piccolo (Manhattan: Union Square) won't bankrupt you (just be in the mood for smaller portions than the glutton in you desires), and the guys who work there are friendly. I tried to order the truffle mushroom bruschetta but was dissuaded by recommendation in favor of the truffle toast with mozzarella, truffle pate and black pepper.

If you noticed a theme, you're catching on. Truffle abounds on the menu. And my truffled out sandwich was totally yummy (if a bit small), thanks to the truffle and the really nice buffalo mozzarella.

Truffle toast with mozzarella, truffle pate and black pepper.

Grandmother's Cake. Normally, lemon and custard bore me, but I loved this lemon custard cake.

If I ever make it around to going back a second time, it'll be to get the apparently famed truffle egg sandwich. I might, however, just buy some bulk truffle oil and make that myself! Then again, maybe truffle oil sucks. I guess if you like it, maybe you should just keep liking it, at least until you've tried the real thing and it's ruined for you. What's the point in ruining something people feel they're enjoying. If they feel they are, they are. I wish I could tell the author that not everyone can afford to eat truffles all the time, so why ruin the cheaper thing for us? I guess I'm so upset about this because the article ruined my enjoyment of truffle oil. I used to love it. Now my dorsolateral prefrontal cortex thinks this makes me a fool instead of a foodie sophisticate. Damn.

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