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Best Breakfast Sandwich: Pies n Thighs

I finally made it out to Pies n Thighs (Brooklyn: Williamsburg) for breakfast (I plan to go for lunch at least once as well). You can order to go or have a seat at any of the little tables, but even at 9am on a Monday that may mean, as it did for me, sitting with strangers. For me this meant I ended up chatting with two interesting Germans on their last day in NY before they head to Costa Rica and then LA and San Fransisco.

I ordered the chicken biscuit as well as a donut and coffee. With your coffee, you may or may not be offered whole milk (and there will probably be sugar on your table), but don't expect anything else.  Fortunately, I've been converted to drinking coffee properly (black), so this will no longer be a problem for me.

The chicken is crispy and juicy, the biscuit is dense and soft, and then there's all this butter dripping into the hot, vinegary tabasco that makes you want to cry not from heat but the perfection of flavor melding. I don't even normally…

Best Bagel in NYC at Ess-a-Bagel

I've now been to a good handful of highly rated bagel places, and Ess-a-Bagel (Manhattan: Midtown East) has been the best so far! So good, the toasted bagel seems buttery even without butter! And I couldn't believe how good the (non-dairy) lox tofu spread was. I still wish the people who worked in New York would be friendlier and nicer, but what can you do? It just doesn't seem to be valued here.

Fuck Sam's Pizzeria

Sam's Pizzeria (Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NYC) is awful. I wanted something close at night in the eleventh hour of an off diet day. But this wasn't worth it. Now I feel sick. Dangit.

Perhaps the answer is not having my life split between "on diet" and "off diet" days.

Too Many Choices at 4Food

I'm really not a big fan of this concept. There's an ever-changing list of potential ingredients from which to build your burger, but while total customizability and endless options seem like what we want, this doesn't really make us happier. I wish the 4Food (NYC: Murray Hill) entrepreneurs watched TED talks:

My silly combos were tasty not not remarkable, which is what happens when things are compiled haphazardly instead of purposefully.

I recommend doing what I did:

Sign up on their website, which gets you $12, and then get either 2 burgers for free or else basically one meal for free. You may as well try the place out for free!

On Being a Foodie Asshole

Here is an example of what I mean that I'm a "foodie asshole":

I went to Peter Pan's Bakery in Greenpoint to check out their well-lauded doughnuts, which were good, but it's pretty clear that the reason that people love them and are loyal has much more to do with their old fashioned low prices and ambiance. I mean it's old school in there. With your coffee, the options are whole milk, refined sugar, or Sweet n Lo. Obviously I had to go elsewhere for my coffee (well, I am lactose intolerant).

After a bit of google mappery on my phone, I walked 11 minutes to a Cafe Grumpy, where I meant to get an iced latte (the way I prefer to take my caffeine, which would have cost me the relatively high price of $4.25) but instead wound up having to try one of their brewed coffees, namely, the Single Origin Panama Coffee Paso Ancho - Carmen Estate, which had apparently won the "Best of Panama 2010" award and had a red raspberry aroma, with hints of lime, bing cherr…

Peanut Butter Wings at 123 Burger Shot Beer

FA Rating: F
Price: $

With the excuse of a good friend from Dallas who'd appreciate peanut butter wings visiting me in NYC, off we headed to 123 Burger Shot Beer (NYC: Midtown West)!

We also had beer and shots, but that was also standard stuff, nothing remarkable.

It wasn't too busy in this bar, the service was decent, there was a good amount of space, the ball game was playing, and there was a beer pong table there. Pretty cool place to hang out.

Korean Tacos at Dokebi

FA Rating: FF
Price: $
Of Note: Awesome happy hour!

I came to Dokebi (Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY) specifically for the tacos, and they didn't fall short. I had the pork belly (yum!), the fish taco (delicious) and, at the waitress' behest, the short rib (yummy, very juicy and meaty). The corn tortillas and garnishes complemented the meats perfectly. Also, they come in those little paper boats and are served with a tube of hot sauce (a spicy, Asiany hot sauce) that brought me back to getting tacos from a Mexican taco shop in Texas, except that these were Korean!

Their happy hour is from 12pm-7pm every day! This means $5 watermelon soju; $4 pot of hot sake; and $3 draft beers (including Guinness! I was afraid it was going to turn out not to apply to Guinness, but it totally does!!).

Also, the waitress was the friendliest waitress I've yet had in New York, and she even brought me a complimentary house tea.

In fact, this has probably been my best overall dining experience in NYC …

Bacon Doughnuts at Traif

You'll find the current date on your menu at Traif (Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY), though whether something really changes on it every single day, I wonder. Oh well, I'm sure they recycle.

They do the shareable "small plate" thing here, so my friend and I ordered drinks and three plates:

Moroccan Whiskey: with green tea, mint lemon juice - This was my friend's pick. As far as I'm concerned, the whole isn't greater than the sum of its parts.  You already know how this tastes without trying it.

Rude Little Pig: Lapsong-infused tequila, cointreau, pomegranate, bacon rim - Obviously, as a foodie asshole, I was compelled to get this one.  I'd actually already heard from someone who'd had it that the drink needed work, but still, a bacon margarita was something I needed to try for myself.  It didn't work.  It tasted like tequila, a bit of generic sweetness and bacon grease.  The word that keeps coming to mind to describe this is "murky."

On …