Peanut Butter Wings at 123 Burger Shot Beer

FA Rating: F
Price: $

With the excuse of a good friend from Dallas who'd appreciate peanut butter wings visiting me in NYC, off we headed to 123 Burger Shot Beer (NYC: Midtown West)!

The Crunchy Honey Peanut Butter wings - $6.50 for six - were delicious! Two different people at the restaurant who are lame and only ordered the boring flavors tried to have something to say, "Oh, so do they taste like Thai food then?"  No, for something to qualify as "Thai," it can't just involve chicken and peanuts. You'd have to have cilantro or fish sauce or Lemongrass or something.. which I'm sure would also have been delicious. But these were wings with good ol' American peanut butter.

Sliders - $1 each (3 minimum) - yummy but nothing particularly special. 

We also had beer and shots, but that was also standard stuff, nothing remarkable.

It wasn't too busy in this bar, the service was decent, there was a good amount of space, the ball game was playing, and there was a beer pong table there. Pretty cool place to hang out.

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