Korean Tacos at Dokebi

FA Rating: FF
Price: $
Of Note: Awesome happy hour!

I came to Dokebi (Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY) specifically for the tacos, and they didn't fall short. I had the pork belly (yum!), the fish taco (delicious) and, at the waitress' behest, the short rib (yummy, very juicy and meaty). The corn tortillas and garnishes complemented the meats perfectly. Also, they come in those little paper boats and are served with a tube of hot sauce (a spicy, Asiany hot sauce) that brought me back to getting tacos from a Mexican taco shop in Texas, except that these were Korean!

Their happy hour is from 12pm-7pm every day! This means $5 watermelon soju; $4 pot of hot sake; and $3 draft beers (including Guinness! I was afraid it was going to turn out not to apply to Guinness, but it totally does!!).

Also, the waitress was the friendliest waitress I've yet had in New York, and she even brought me a complimentary house tea.

In fact, this has probably been my best overall dining experience in NYC thus far.


I have now also tried a few more dishes.

Fried Tofu: fried in a light potato batter, served with a soy-paste sauce

This was actually pretty great.  The fried potato batter is tasty without feeling greasy and heavy, and then the tofu is in such a wonderful, semi-melted state.

Spicy Mushroom Burrito: organic giant oyster and button mushrooms sautéed in our Korean BBQ sauce on corn tortillas - $8 as burrito ($4 for same as taco)

In a burrito you get kidney beans, rice, radishes, bean sprouts, and cilantro in addition to the stuff listed for each kind. It was delicious, but I think this one is probably best experienced in the taco form as the mild flavored kidney beans and rice are a bit distracting from the other more wonderful but fairly subtle mushrooms.

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