Best Breakfast Sandwich: Pies n Thighs

I finally made it out to Pies n Thighs (Brooklyn: Williamsburg) for breakfast (I plan to go for lunch at least once as well). You can order to go or have a seat at any of the little tables, but even at 9am on a Monday that may mean, as it did for me, sitting with strangers. For me this meant I ended up chatting with two interesting Germans on their last day in NY before they head to Costa Rica and then LA and San Fransisco.

I ordered the chicken biscuit as well as a donut and coffee. With your coffee, you may or may not be offered whole milk (and there will probably be sugar on your table), but don't expect anything else.  Fortunately, I've been converted to drinking coffee properly (black), so this will no longer be a problem for me.

Chicken Biscuit

The chicken is crispy and juicy, the biscuit is dense and soft, and then there's all this butter dripping into the hot, vinegary tabasco that makes you want to cry not from heat but the perfection of flavor melding. I don't even normally like tabasco, but it was exactly right in this context.

The donut was an unremarkable cake doughnut covered in cinnamon and sugar.

But you really come for the chicken. And the chicken biscuit was simply wonderful, though with my first bite, I burnt my tongue (it lasted for two days, so be careful). Even that bite was delicious.

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