Bacon Doughnuts at Traif

You'll find the current date on your menu at Traif (Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY), though whether something really changes on it every single day, I wonder. Oh well, I'm sure they recycle.

They do the shareable "small plate" thing here, so my friend and I ordered drinks and three plates:

Moroccan Whiskey: with green tea, mint lemon juice - This was my friend's pick. As far as I'm concerned, the whole isn't greater than the sum of its parts.  You already know how this tastes without trying it.

Rude Little Pig: Lapsong-infused tequila, cointreau, pomegranate, bacon rim - Obviously, as a foodie asshole, I was compelled to get this one.  I'd actually already heard from someone who'd had it that the drink needed work, but still, a bacon margarita was something I needed to try for myself.  It didn't work.  It tasted like tequila, a bit of generic sweetness and bacon grease.  The word that keeps coming to mind to describe this is "murky."

On to the food:

Chopped Chicken Liver, Bacon Fat Toast, Balsamic, Rosemary: The toast was amazing.  It was thoroughly crunchy, yet still soft in the middle, and the flavor from the bacon fat was right on the money.  I'm really not the biggest chicken liver fan, but it seemed of good quality, and the balsamic vinegar and rosemary were certainly nice.

Sauteed Broccoli Rabe, Roasted Portabello-Truffle Toast, Fried Egg: The friend I dined with is from Texas, and so he'd never had broccoli rabe before, so I had to introduce him.  Unfortunately, the bitterness of the rabe was a little overwhelming on many of the bites of this dish.  The best part about the dish was actually the visual when first cutting into it.  The mushroom/truffle part was a very sauce-like component, and when we cut the egg apart and down into the Texas Toast, the yolk and the sauce just oozed sumptuously down the dish.  All in all, this dish was pretty tasty but not really all that interesting.

Lamb and Chorizo Meatballs, Chipotle Cream, Pecorino: The thin slices of pecorino were just beautiful, curling around their meatballs, translucent from their lightly melted state.  I'm not huge on lamb, so it's hard to be objective about the flavor, but I enjoyed the balls.  The cream was nice, though not at all what I expected. It was a few shades pinker than marinara sauce and tasted pretty tomato-y, definitely creamy, and only faintly chipotle-ish.  If you like lamb though, you'll really love this dish.

At one point, the waitress brought out to us (and I noticed she brought it out to another table too, so I'm guessing this is common at Traif) a sample of a carrot bisque with yogurt and dill that was delicious.  It was actually the best dish we had.  It tasted of butterscotch, though I was informed that must have been the honey involved.

On to dessert:

Bacon doughnuts? Don't mind if I do! And served with a dulce de leche sauce and coffee ice cream, yeah this dish warrants busting out my Lactaid supply. Don't worry, this bacon laden dish totally worked. And when you put all the parts of the dish in your mouth at once, you've got cold coffee creaminess melting into sweet caramel, bacon and warm doughy delight, so yeah, yeah bacon doughnuts, mmhmm.

I can't wait to try more of their food!

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