On Being a Foodie Asshole

Here is an example of what I mean that I'm a "foodie asshole":

I went to Peter Pan's Bakery in Greenpoint to check out their well-lauded doughnuts, which were good, but it's pretty clear that the reason that people love them and are loyal has much more to do with their old fashioned low prices and ambiance. I mean it's old school in there. With your coffee, the options are whole milk, refined sugar, or Sweet n Lo. Obviously I had to go elsewhere for my coffee (well, I am lactose intolerant).

After a bit of google mappery on my phone, I walked 11 minutes to a Cafe Grumpy, where I meant to get an iced latte (the way I prefer to take my caffeine, which would have cost me the relatively high price of $4.25) but instead wound up having to try one of their brewed coffees, namely, the Single Origin Panama Coffee Paso Ancho - Carmen Estate, which had apparently won the "Best of Panama 2010" award and had a red raspberry aroma, with hints of lime, bing cherry, and bittersweet chocolate.. for $5.  Could I smell raspberries? No. Could I taste the lime, bing cherries or bittersweet chocolate?  Not a one of those.

But I had to know.

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