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Doughnut Plant - New Location with Coffee

As opposed to the original LES Doughnut Plant location, the new Chelsea location is larger, with seating, a restroom, coffee, espresso and a Valrhona mocha. The coffee's good, in a standard way.


Creme Brulee - Small, but yummy!
Peanut Butter Glazed Raspberry Filled - Fucking Delicious
Apple Cinnamon - Good, but the flavor isn't quite strong enough

The cake ones I've had:

Blackout - Decent, but not great
Lavender - Good, but I bet it's better in yeast

 Just remember, for the best donuts in New York, you've gotta go to Bed-Stuy!

Satisfy Everyone (Except the Anorexic) at Shake Shack

Burger rating: 8/10
FA Rating: FF
Price: $

Out of the ridiculous amount of options in the affordable gourmet burger fad, Shake Shack stands out not only as a perfect exemplar of what this fad is all about (i.e. Pat LaFrieda meat, affordability, deliciousness, and the probability of a long wait in line) but also one that will continue to be a successful and expanding chain. Speaking of which, Boston is getting one soon! I hope the Beantown menu doesn't suck.

These guys are delicious. They provide all the indulgence of the McDonaldsyness that part of your brain secretly (or not so secretly, depending on your level of self-awareness) desires without the guilt that would come to most of us these days if we were to actually take a Big Mac down the hatch. Of course it also tastes better, it won't be so smushed, and it will definitely be fresh. Oh and potato buns rule of course. Any time my ventromedial and dorsolateral prefrontal cortices can agree on something, I'm happy.

I al…

Inexplicably Lame Banh Mi at Tigerlily

FA Rating: F-
Price: $

Originally written 8/5/2010:

I read a Craigslistingnot long ago that asserted our neighborhood was "up and coming," and, while I'm still not sure whether this restaurant and I live in Bed-Stuy or Clinton Hill (I live two blocks away), now that we have a Banh Mi place, maybe it's time for me to stop laughing about that notion. Seriously, we are getting some good food. It's true though that the prices at all the yummy places around here (Tigerlily, Choice Market, Pilar, Umi Nom, etc.) are a touch inflated, but at least they're available.

I had "The Special" sandwich at Tigerlily (Clinton Hill / Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn), and it was yummy. I hope she changes the bread though as it was a bit too hard and rough on my mouth. There's a French bakery a block away, so I don't know why it'd be hard to get good bread. Actually I wonder if the problem is just that she doesn't have a good toasting oven. Also, the filling to bread r…

Gentrification in Bed-Stuy at Cinnamon Girl

FA Rating: )(
Price: $$

A couple of weeks ago we got a new addition to the neighborhood, offering a small array of organic, yuppie-ish products as well as organic and mostly vegan baked goods, presumably named after a Neil Young song I'd never heard of.  It's located right next to Tiny Cup, a coffee shop that had become a neighborhood institution for coffee, baked goods, delicious breakfast and lunch dishes and decent wi-fi service but has recently changed hands and undergone a transformation.  Because Tiny Cup changed hands at about the same time that Cinnamon Girl popped up, my roommates and I had hypothesizes that perhaps the places were in cahoots, but I've found out that this is not the case.  The real force behind these things is that it's really starting to catch on that Bed Stuy, or at least the northwest chunk of Bed Stuy, really is up and coming.

Now, it's strange to me that one of the earlier arrivals in the neighborhood is a little shop that, at least …

Try the Arbol Sauce at Calexico Taqueria

FA Rating: FFF
Price: $

Calexico (Carroll Gardens, Greenpoint, and a SOHO food truck) started out as food cartists and then opened a brick and mortar in Carroll Gardens after three successful years. This was awesome as the wait at their SOHO cart location often runs into the 30 minute area, while you'll get served right away inside the small restaurant. Inside, you also get access to their salsa bar, which includes several salsas, pickled spicy vegetables and an arbol pumpkin seed sauce.  You've still got to order the crack sauce with whichever food you choose though.

And that's when I noticed the salsa bar and had to order a small salad in order to be able to utilize it. And I must say that $4 for the deluxe salad they give you rocks.

And now they've opened a larger spot in Greenpoint! I just happened upon it by accident on its second day in operation, and they don't have any kinks to work out. It looks like they're already being well-patronized (thanks in some pa…

Clinton Hill Vs. Bed-Stuy, Personified at Tiny Cup

One more Cupdate (3/26/2011):

Tiny Cup became the third place on my Americano tour, and after drinking the whole unadulterated cup, I give it a 6/10.  It was a little too burnt. Stick with the coconut water Americano here.

Yet another Cupdate (3/7/2011):

I wound up at Tiny Cup again for breakfast and coffee with Jenn. The menu has changed a bit even from just a few weeks ago. I know they're still new and inventing themselves, but I wonder if maybe they don't plan on every really having a set menu.

Jenn ordered The Southwestern sandwich. I didn't have it in me to be a total asshole with the camera, perfecting the settings, using flash and all, so this picture is wanting:

You know, after eating several bites of another of their biscuit sandwiches, I've come down on the side of wishing the biscuits weren't so bitter.  The soysage was nice, and the arbol sauce was nice and spicy (though not quite the kind I prefer (more on this when I understand it better)), and the who…

The Best Donuts in New York City: Dough

Foodie Award: The Best Donuts in NYC, if not the world

Sorry, foodies, you now have to come to Bed Stuy for one of your foodie adventures. This is because the best doughnuts in New York City are now here (though they like to call it Clinton Hill). The same people behind Choice Market and Choice Greene finally opened their new donut shop where the old Roosters used to be. The wonderful Dough people know that only yeast donuts matter, so if you're a cake 'nut nut, you won't be taking up any of the maybe 6'x7' square feet of standing room in the shop. I can finally stop trekking out to Doughnut Plant for my foodie asshole doughnut needs.

One morning, after eating a Dough donut and then napping, my foodie friend who has celiacs disease texted me: "fuck it. i'm doing Dough. and who better to get a lethal dose of food with me than you." Not sure whether to feel insulted or honored, back I went, and that crazy bitch ordered twelve donuts.

This one was fine b…

Silk City Diner: DDD vs. Reality

When I knew I was going to be taking a little trip to Philly, I youtubed "Diners Drive-ins and Dives Philadelphia" and found this:

They're always doing new things at Silk City Diner (Northern Liberties in Philly), so, while I would've loved to try those empanadas, they didn't seem to be available.

Not to worry though, I had instead a gingered carrot puree soup with lime yogurt and chicken dumplings as well as the sweet potato latkes with house made applesauce and curried sour cream.

The soup was delicious, the chicken broth so richly evokes childhood happiness while the ginger speaks to my older, more sophisticated palate. The dumpling was a delight, and the lime yogurt wonderfully complements the flavors of the soup. A+

The latkes were also wonderful. The shreds of sweet potato were so flavorful and crispy without being too crispy or hard in that overly fried way that can happen. The curried sour cream was delicious, and I even enjoyed their applesauce.

It reall…

Ostrich Burger at Tony JR's

had a craving for meat on my way to a bakery where I knew I'd be getting some Guinness Stout Cake, so I ducked into Tony JR's (Rittenhouse Square in Philly) for a quick sandwich.

I should've just had a little breakfast sandwich from a cart, really, as this was a horrible idea.

The only thing at all interesting on the menu was the ostrich burger, so I had one with cheese.  It was thin and all but flavorless.  I tried adding some mayo, pickles and jalapeno, which made it a bit more palatable (as they would cardboard), but I'd avoid this place or at the very least the ostrich here.

It's hard to even be upset that I lost the picture I took of this food. Just imagine one of the limp, pale, lifeless burgers you were served in middle school.

(CLOSED) Cake & Shake

What a surprise! One more fucking cupcake business has shut its doors.

The Cake & Shake food truck stays parked at West 4th St. and LaGuardia Place, right outside Washington Square Park (SoHo).

The first time I went, I was on a date with a non-foodie, so I didn't quite get to choose what I most wanted, but I finally went back and used my other coupon, so I've tried a decent range now:

WARM GLOW (left)
Spice cake with carrot pastry cream and cream cheese walnut frosting, candied walnuts and toasted coconut

This is great shit, obviously very holiday appropriate. It's delicious, but these just don't happen to be my favorite flavors.

Peanut Butter cake with banana mousse and milk chocolate frosting

It's fucking yummy. The banana mousse is a really nice touch, almost making you feel like there's something remotely healthful going on.


Milk chocolate cake with caramel mousse and nougat frosting

I wish it were d…

Guinness Stout Cake at Metropolitan Bakery

Metropolitan Bakery (Rittenhouse Square in Philly) was honestly one of the few highlights of my first trip to Philadelphia. One of the women who works there, Leilani, was very friendly. She was patient with my indecision in choosing a pastry, and excitedly talked to me about her favorites. She also forgave me for only having a credit card for my $4 purchase. After a few minutes, we were discussing philosophy and our life paths.

Their coffee is good, but they don't have any non-dairy creaming options. Thanks, Lactaid!

I had their fruit and nut bar, which Leilani'd told me was like pie. I don't actually like pie*, but I tried it anyway, and this bar was the best pie-like thing I've ever had. Clearly, I need to start venturing out into the world of awesome pie. The next day I came back in order to try the Guinness Stout Cake. The piece I was given was huge, and it was delicious. The frosting on top was kind of silly, just a sugary milk chocolate frosting, but the imp…