Inexplicably Lame Banh Mi at Tigerlily

FA Rating: F-
Price: $

Originally written 8/5/2010:

I read a Craigslisting not long ago that asserted our neighborhood was "up and coming," and, while I'm still not sure whether this restaurant and I live in Bed-Stuy or Clinton Hill (I live two blocks away), now that we have a Banh Mi place, maybe it's time for me to stop laughing about that notion. Seriously, we are getting some good food. It's true though that the prices at all the yummy places around here (Tigerlily, Choice Market, Pilar, Umi Nom, etc.) are a touch inflated, but at least they're available.

I had "The Special" sandwich at Tigerlily (Clinton Hill / Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn), and it was yummy. I hope she changes the bread though as it was a bit too hard and rough on my mouth. There's a French bakery a block away, so I don't know why it'd be hard to get good bread. Actually I wonder if the problem is just that she doesn't have a good toasting oven. Also, the filling to bread ratio could be a bit higher. Other than that though, the flavors were great and it was just the right level of spicy. I also had some Vietnamese iced coffee, which is of course delicious, as you really can't go to a non-delicious place with condensed milk and espresso. So I'll probably be back because I want to try some of the shakes (such as the Papaya, Pineapple & Ginger* and the Mango, Coconut & Chili), but I, like the other reviewers, hope for some improvements!

*Update: I tried this one, and it was delicious and refreshing. Also, these are dairy free.

Update #2: As of August 23, 2010: No improvement to the bread. I got the curry chicken sandwich this time, and it was tasty, but there was too little filling and this time she didn't ask if I wanted it spicy (and I didn't think to assure her I did), so I got no jalapenos or sriracha. So make sure to tell her how spicy you want.

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