Try the Arbol Sauce at Calexico Taqueria

FA Rating: FFF
Price: $

Calexico (Carroll Gardens, Greenpoint, and a SOHO food truck) started out as food cartists and then opened a brick and mortar in Carroll Gardens after three successful years. This was awesome as the wait at their SOHO cart location often runs into the 30 minute area, while you'll get served right away inside the small restaurant. Inside, you also get access to their salsa bar, which includes several salsas, pickled spicy vegetables and an arbol pumpkin seed sauce.  You've still got to order the crack sauce with whichever food you choose though.

Rajas Taco: Poblano, bacon, and onion in cream with cotija and cilantro (amazing)

Pulled chicken in spicy pineapple, coconut salsa with pickled onion and cilantro (yummy, but a bit too much chicken)

And that's when I noticed the salsa bar and had to order a small salad in order to be able to utilize it. And I must say that $4 for the deluxe salad they give you rocks.

Pulled pork taco - excellent
Pork grits - so good, served with cheddar, jalapeno, corn and cilantro, mmm

And now they've opened a larger spot in Greenpoint! I just happened upon it by accident on its second day in operation, and they don't have any kinks to work out. It looks like they're already being well-patronized (thanks in some part, no doubt, to their location right by the G train's Nassau stop).

I got there too late to order any of their delicious food, but the helpful waitress quickly got a chips and salsa plate (red salsa, salsa verde, arbol sauce) for us before the kitchen fully closed down.

We were mostly there for the beer anyway (by the way, they have wine and a full bar with several cocktails too, such as a jalapeno mint margarita). On tap, they have Negro Modelo and, more importantly, several Sixpoint beers. One of them is made only for them, El Barrio, a Mexican style brown ale. It was good.

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