(CLOSED) Cake & Shake

What a surprise! One more fucking cupcake business has shut its doors.

The Cake & Shake food truck stays parked at West 4th St. and LaGuardia Place, right outside Washington Square Park (SoHo).

The first time I went, I was on a date with a non-foodie, so I didn't quite get to choose what I most wanted, but I finally went back and used my other coupon, so I've tried a decent range now:

WARM GLOW (left)
Spice cake with carrot pastry cream and cream cheese walnut frosting, candied walnuts and toasted coconut

This is great shit, obviously very holiday appropriate. It's delicious, but these just don't happen to be my favorite flavors.

Peanut Butter cake with banana mousse and milk chocolate frosting

It's fucking yummy. The banana mousse is a really nice touch, almost making you feel like there's something remotely healthful going on.


Milk chocolate cake with caramel mousse and nougat frosting

I wish it were dark chocolate here, and not just because I'm an asshole, but because all of that is just too much sugary sweetness and not enough creamy depth. It's delicious, don't get me wrong, it's just a little over the top.


Double Decker Brownie with pecan mousse and salted caramel frosting

There's pecan mousse, surrounded by a layer of dense chocolatey brownie, surrounded my cake, topped with salted caramel frosting. This was my clear favorite.

On the date, I downed three Lactaid pills and tried the salted caramel shake. It was yummy but not earth shattering. My non-foodie date got the Huckleberry shake, didn't offer me a sip (no more dates will be suggested), and threw 85% of it away (seriously, never answering another call).

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