Doughnut Plant - New Location with Coffee

As opposed to the original LES Doughnut Plant location, the new Chelsea location is larger, with seating, a restroom, coffee, espresso and a Valrhona mocha. The coffee's good, in a standard way.


From their new location, the Meyer Lemon with Poppy Seed: Clearly trying to compete with Dough's amazing lemon and poppyseed, Doughnut Plant only highlights how far it falls short it comparison. The flavors were okay, not luscious like Dough's, and the texture just isn't that moist, melting yeasty perfection.

Creme Brulee - Small, but yummy!
Peanut Butter Glazed Raspberry Filled - Fucking Delicious
Apple Cinnamon - Good, but the flavor isn't quite strong enough
Apple Cinnamon

Valrhona Chocolate - Good stuff, but the superb Valrhona chocolate quality doesn't really come through as much with that kind of chocolate glaze

Blueberry - yum!

The cake ones I've had:

Blackout - Decent, but not great
Lavender - Good, but I bet it's better in yeast

Pumpkin - Good, but the pumpkin flavor doesn't come through strongly enough

 Just remember, for the best donuts in New York, you've gotta go to Bed-Stuy!

Doughnut Plant on Urbanspoon Doughnut Plant on Urbanspoon

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