Guinness Stout Cake at Metropolitan Bakery

Metropolitan Bakery (Rittenhouse Square in Philly) was honestly one of the few highlights of my first trip to Philadelphia. One of the women who works there, Leilani, was very friendly. She was patient with my indecision in choosing a pastry, and excitedly talked to me about her favorites. She also forgave me for only having a credit card for my $4 purchase. After a few minutes, we were discussing philosophy and our life paths.

Their coffee is good, but they don't have any non-dairy creaming options. Thanks, Lactaid!

I had their fruit and nut bar, which Leilani'd told me was like pie. I don't actually like pie*, but I tried it anyway, and this bar was the best pie-like thing I've ever had. Clearly, I need to start venturing out into the world of awesome pie. The next day I came back in order to try the Guinness Stout Cake. The piece I was given was huge, and it was delicious. The frosting on top was kind of silly, just a sugary milk chocolate frosting, but the important part was the dense, Guinnessy cake, and that part was perfect. Sadly, my pictures of the food were erased.

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*I hadn't yet had good pie at the time I originally wrote this.

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