Ostrich Burger at Tony JR's

had a craving for meat on my way to a bakery where I knew I'd be getting some Guinness Stout Cake, so I ducked into Tony JR's (Rittenhouse Square in Philly) for a quick sandwich.

I should've just had a little breakfast sandwich from a cart, really, as this was a horrible idea.

The only thing at all interesting on the menu was the ostrich burger, so I had one with cheese.  It was thin and all but flavorless.  I tried adding some mayo, pickles and jalapeno, which made it a bit more palatable (as they would cardboard), but I'd avoid this place or at the very least the ostrich here.

It's hard to even be upset that I lost the picture I took of this food. Just imagine one of the limp, pale, lifeless burgers you were served in middle school.

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