Best Bar in Dahlonega: Crimson Moon Cafe

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Price: $

Having driven to Dahlonega to visit Frogtown Cafe and having gotten "white trashed" off the wine there, as I put it, we needed a place in town to head to eat food (and drink beer!).  My sister had found a place she thought looked promising, and the ladies at the winery confirmed that it was a great spot.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived and sat in the back so as not to have to pay the cover charge for the show Rory Block would be putting on a couple of hours later.  We sat at the bar, and I couldn't resist ordering both beers I saw on tap, the Terrapin Rye PA and a Magic Hat #9.  I kind of wanted to order a latte since they had a few Monin syrups I'd never seen before (saying something alert).

At first glance dinerish, the menu totally is actually totally awesome.  A vegetarian* there for some breakfast?  They've got a veggie omelet with artichokes.  Otherwise, find out what makes their sausage "sawmill" gravy so sawmilly.

Lunch or dinner?  Among many predictable (though also delicious) option, they've got fried green tomatoes when in season, the interestingly omnipresent in Georgian menus falafel and gyro options, a lobster/crab fondue appetizer, muffalettas (another menu item that shows up just about everywhere there), a granola chicken salad (recommended to me by the cuter of the two winery ladies), a shrimp/corn grits/red eye gravy dish (whatwhatwhat? niiice), pecan smoked Jack Daniels trout with a "delicate" tomato caper salsa, hazelnut crusted grouper drizzled with amaretto-hazelnut butter glaze, fried corn on the cob, and yeast rolls with cinnamon honey butter.

In The South, fried pickles are done logically: using spears and  served with ranch as a matter of course.

Tender pulled pork, collard greens, fried corn on the cob, and a roll (don't worry, I asked for some cinnamon honey butter 10 seconds later).

Everything tasted great (including a bite of a friend's burger, a bite of my sister's mac 'n' cheese and sweet potato souffle. The souffle was actually surprisingly good. I do wish the cinnamon honey butter had had more emphasis on the latter and less on the former, or else have been melted in, mmm...  The best bites I had were when I made a little bbq pulled pork, cinnamon honey butter sandwich on my dinner roll. :] Num num num.

Oh and of course the people working there were all super friendly and had delightful southern accents. Check out a bit of the writing graffiti from the restroom there:

Word, yo.

*By the way, my favorite part of the menu comes from their description of that dish: "The local vegetarian’s favorite!" such grammar implying that there is only one local vegetarian.

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