Beers and Soups at Mac McGee's

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My sister and I went into five different restaurants and walked out after looking at their menus before we finally found a good restaurant, Mac McGee's (Decatur (Atlanta area), GA).

I immediately caved into having a beer with lunch upon seeing the numerous and wonderful draft beer selection. There were about six I would've loved to have had, but, alas, it wasn't that kind of lunch, so I had the Red Brick brewing company's Oatmeal Porter.

It was immediately clear we needed to try both of their soups:

Beer and Cheese Soup with Pumpernickel Croutons and Carraway

Cauliflower Cream Soup with Curry Oil

The beer and cheese soup was tasty, both the beer and the cheddar really coming through, not to mention my favorite parts, the carraway and pumpernickel croutons that came together to make perfect bites or belly warming goodness. This soup was much thinner than such soups usually are, and I probably would've preferred a bit thicker, though it helped make room for the beer, the upcoming food and the other soup, which was thick and creamy. Also, the thinness as well as the bowl's shape kept helped keep it warm until we'd eaten every last bite.

The cauliflower soup was soul pleasingly creamy. While the cauliflower was pone notch too subtle and the curry about 1.5 notches less assertive than optimal, it was still delicious. The croutons were buttery and crispy crunchy, and this beer actually paired best with my double chocolate oatmeal porter.

I was with my vegetarian sister and we both didn't want a whole 'nother entree, so we shared the vegetable plate:

Left to Right: Spaghetti Squash, Seared Confit Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Butery-Herby Scalloped Potatoes, Warm Pickled Beets

Everything on this plate was totally tasty, in large part due to the generous amounts of butter that had clearly been used.

I wish there'd been a greater variety of flavor, as there would have been if we'd gotten what we'd actually ordered from the menu, which included smashed confit potatoes and glazed turnips.  I understand that vegetables plates change all the time due to seasonality and availability and all, but let a sister know if she's gonna get something different than what she read on the menu. If someone ordered a steak and received chicken, you'd never dream of switching the animals without mention.

That's my only real criticism of the place though. The guys working there were really friendly, the draft beer selection was excellent, the food was great, and the menu rocks, especially for a place you'd think was "just a pub."

Anyone, any time, will leave here happy.

Oh and you'll get Delta SkyMiles!!!

Mac McGee's Irish Pub on Urbanspoon

I'd love to try their full Irish breakfast with fried eggs, house-made bangers and rasher, black and white puddings, beans, tomatoes, and Irish soda bread.  Not to mention a good ol' braised brisket sandwich with horseradish coleslaw and mustard bbq.  The appetizers they serve involve more than soups and salads too: mussels served differently throughout the year, chicken live pate on toast with homemade apple butter some months and blackberries others. And their cheese plate always has fun stuff like a buttermilk blue with a Guinness reduction, vintage aged gouda with candied pecans, Green Hill camembert with pickled grapes... mmm now I'm just getting too hungry again.

We were there for lunch, but the dinner menu has some more revved up options to offer:

salt cod fish cakes, english peas, baby tomatoes,
mustard sauce, herb salad 14

crispy pork belly, sautéed cabbage, apples,
onions, pickled radishes 13

lamb porterhouse, seared confit potatoes, glazed carrots,
mint-pistachio sauce 15

Oh and check out the dessert menu:

whiskey and chocolate bread pudding,
whiskey caramel, vanilla ice cream 6

chocolate terrine, smoked salt, strawberries 6

candy bar: maple shortbread, bourbon nougat
and caramel, 58% chocolate 5

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