Worst Gyro Ever: American Wings

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Why would I even go to American Wings (Stone Mountain, near Atlanta) in the first place? Because I'm insane, that's why.

Chicken Gyro

But look, I'll take what I can from this. I now have an official "worst gyro I've ever had" for instance.  Also, it'll probably help my travelling constipation problems today. And finally, my sister and I realized too late that the marlin we bought for dinner was one of the over-fished options we were supposed to avoid, and while I'm eating it tonight, the memory of this lunch will make me appreciate their sacrifice all the more.

Seriously though:...crap.  The iceberg lettuce was wilted, the tomatoes were pale and all but flavorless, the chicken was clearly a day (or two) old and not even reheated, and the gob of sour cream didn't help anything.  At least the pita bread had been microwaved. I have a hypothesis that the little squares of onion on it were acquired thusly: the owner has a Monday ritual of getting a Big Mac and asking for the onions in a cup on the side so that, in case someone comes in and orders the gyro that week, he'll have some to throw in there.

The mystery to me is why it took seven minutes for this to be compiled.

The only thing on the menu that is at all interesting is that I wonder quite what flavor "braised" would be if I ordered that wings option. One can also purchase fries, burgers, cheese steaks, onion rings, egg rolls, fried rice dishes, fish or salads (though please, dear god, don't), and cans of Hawaiian Punch, Grape Fanta, and Lime Crush.

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