BINO Brooklyn: NYC: Carroll Gardens

I really shouldn't go to Italian restaurants, but one day, when I was in a manic mood, back in my more frivlous Groupon-buying phase, I had purchased a $30 coupon (for $15) for this place BINO Brooklyn.  I guess I figured I'd want to go to at least one more Italian restaurant in NY.  Bah.

Why Italian restaurants suck:
-Everything is expensive but not necessarily all that tasty
-The whole "antipasti/primi/secondi/contorni" thing makes you feel like a young, out of place cheapskate if you just want to order 2-3 dishes for two people.  And if you don't want to a minimum $12 glass of wine, for shame!
-Menus tend to be boring (though the reason I chose to get this Groupon was because it's an Italian restaurant that's doing its own thing a little bit)
-The lighting is always too dim for good photos:

The complimentary bread and olive oil, which was really good
Another complimentary dish: some oily chickpea thing on some toasted bread, also really tasty
Roasted Beet Salad: chosen for the prosecco vinaigrette

You get three little beet/goat cheese sandwiches with the micro greens and a few grape tomatoes.  A bit small, as is to be expected for an $11 insalate at an Italian restaurant.  It didn't change my life.

Garganelli: with wild boar bacon, radicchio, pine nuts, white wine, sweet garlic and rosemary

Honestly, I didn't even eat half of my half.  The ratio of noodles and oil to everything else was a bit high for me.  Really there wasn't much flavor happenin'.  The bacon was nice, but somehow the normally strong flavors of pine nuts and rosemary weren't really announcing their presence in my mouth.

Grilled Pork Chop: with braised savoy cabbage with onion and pancetta and tomato plum jelly

Well I'm glad I chose this because the meat was delightful, tender and juicy and the plum tomato jelly was awesome.  Tomatoes... but sweeter and in jelly form... well done, Italians.  And with pork underneath it.. good times.  But the cabbage was too salty and vinegary.

If I'd had room for dessert and hadn't passed my Groupon $30 ago, I might've ordered the pumpkin cheese cake with espresso cream for dessert.  As it is, I'll wait till October, pick up a pumpkin cheesecake from Trader Joe's, make some espresso cream, and make my own at home on the cheaper.

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