A Fast &Healthful Option: Swich

FA Rating: F
Price: $

This place (Chelsea) is basically a yuppier Subway. The menu is a little more interesting. While you can of course create any sandwich or salad you want, I'm referring to the lemon mint edamame, and the banana lemonade. They also have more topping choices, including stuffing, basil, golden raisins, sprouts and crunchy wasabi peas.

I was trying to do a gluten-free thing (lasted half a day), so I had a salad:

Redwood Salad (avocado, sprouts, golden raisins), with roasted turkey, cilantro, red onions, tomatoes,  banana peppers, and cucumbers

They had me get the citrus vinaigrette, but I like creamier dressings or balsamic vinaigrettes.

Every order comes with a little bitty serving of lemon mint edamame:

Awww how little!

They're totally delicious, and unlike any I've been served elsewhere. How refreshing!  I wanted to try the banana lemonade since it's interesting and Time Out NY raved about it a little bit. Fortunately, I used the word "try" instead of "have," so the cashier gave me a sample of it. It was tasty and all, but I'm not a big lemonade person.

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