No. 7 Sub: NYC: Chelsea

Sometimes, even in New York City, you can start to feel like you've seen it all on menus. Not so at this affordable (all subs are $9) little sub shop underneath the Ace Hotel. 

I would love to have had at least a dozen, but so far, in the ascending order of deliciousness:

5. Tuna salad, apples, bbq chips, and mung sprouts
4. Imitation crab, capers, potato chips, and more
3. Lamb meatloaf, strawberry pico de gallo, curried crema, cheddar, and pappadam sub
2. Bologna (from Schaller & Weber), parsnip mole, ricotta, pickled red onions and pumpkin seeds
1. Fried Clams with Pickled Strawberries, Roasted Leek Mayo, and Frisée

The bologna etc. sandwich

I realize this is super ignorant of me, but I'd never considered that bologna could be something so different from the Oscar Meyer-y little slices I enjoyed in childhood.  This sandwich was pretty awesome.  There're lots of great flavors happening, though actually it probably would've been better to have a bit less meat just because the sandwich was so heavy.

Their menu changes all the time, so if you go to
their web site and see one you can't live without trying, go today. 
    They also have a breakfast menu, only available M-F from 8am-10:30.  Those smaller subs are $4-5.  I had one once with roasted pork loin, scrambled eggs, fontina cheese, and blueberry sriracha.  It was delicious, but it could've been a bit spicier!

Downside: This is a standing room only, order-and-go type situation, so if you're not staying in the hotel, head down to Madison Square Park or something to chomp away.

On Tuesday, 2/22/11 I returned to No. 7 Subs in order to try another sandwich and this time finally take a picture of the food (the bologna sandwich) for my blog, and I'd already had a large breakfast, so between the two eating-outings I dutifully ran three and a half miles at the gym, which led to a series of mini-emotional breakdowns throughout the day.

On a day trip back to NYC on 4/2/2011, I was happy to be let off the Megabus at 28th and 7th, which is just a couple of blocks from No. 7 Subs (29th and Broadway, part of the Ace Hotel area).

This was the first time I'd ever gone there during normal meal hours, and the place was packed.  It didn't take too long to get my Fried Clam Sandwich though:

Fried Clams with Pickled Strawberries, Roasted Leek Mayo, and Frisée

I love these people.  The fried clams were great, and the mayo was creamy and indulgent without that overbearing mayo taste some mayos create.  The the sweetness and tanginess from the strawberry pickles and the fresh, beloved frisée.. a really fun sandwich.  With their soft white loaves and the mayonnaise, it kind of felt like a sandwich you might have taken to grade school for lunch, supposing your mom was a badass.

There's still the problem of where to eat the thing though.  The people at Birch nearby, where I got coffee and sat down in their "library" apparently don't allow outside food in :[

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