Taco Bandito: NYC: Chelsea

I wanted a beer near UCBT, but instead, because I'm insane, I got food from Taco Bandito.  I mostly did it because I wanted to review another place near the UCB Theatre in NY.  Sadly, this place sucks.  Oh sure, maybe if you've never had any even half decent Tex-Mex, you'll enjoy this.  Otherwise, don't waste your time/money/calories.

I had a chicken burrito, figuring that would be a safe bet:

The salsa is watered down Pace (which sucks anyway).  Nothing was fresh, and all the ingredients were clearly of the cheapest possible quality.

A chewy piece of chicken fat I spat out.
You'd be hard pressed to find food this bad in a mall.

I mean, I almost never leave any food on my plate, but here's the "after" picture of this meal:

Okay I had one more bite after that, but only because I'm insane.  Just go across the street to Kofoo.


-Space to sit down
-Near UCBT

FA Rating: f

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