Cuban Food in Bed-Stuy - Pilar

FA Rating: FF
Price: $

Pilar Cuban Eatery ( Clinton Hill / Bed Stuy im Brooklyn) is a tiny little cafe with a fair amount of good-lookin' food. They offer different things on different days of the week, so plan ahead!

Spanish Omelet -$4 - Uh..not too picturesque in the take out container, sorry.

It was certainly good, but I felt like I might as well have made it at home. I should've gotten it with the house-made smoked chorizo for an extra buck fifty. It's hard for me to understand what I was thinking that day, really. Oh I think I went too early in the morning when there weren't many options yet or something.

Spicy Chicken-Mango Wrap

Mm, it's served cold, and I wonder if I should've tried half of it heated up. But, no matter, it was pretty freakin' tasty, all creamy with lime mayonnaise and sriracha swirling together for a spicy, tangy complement to the sweet mango and savory rotisserie chicken and field greens. If I weren't the kind of person who had to try everything in this world once, I'd totally order this again.

I also had a seasonal, off-the-menu soup there this fall, a pumpkin curry soup. It was very nice, creamy, a bit spicy, lots of flavor. There was something just one little notch off about it, I think maybe I wanted some meat in there. Maybe that chorizo..

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The other dishes I most want to try:
-Corn and Fish empanadas with creamed corn, local fish, scallions, and a hint of cheddar in a corn-yuca dough
-Caldo Gallego: A Galician white bean stew with smoked ham, chorizo, collard greens and potato (served Wednesdays and Fridays after noon)
-Sopa de Platano: Puree of crispy and sweet plantains, sofrito, garlic and beef broth (ditto)
-Long Island Fish Chowder - Local striped bass, corn, yuca, potato, plantains, and cilantro (Thursdays after noon)
-Tamal en Cazuela: Fresh corn stew cooked with sofrito and roast pork (Saturdays and Sundays after noon)
-Pilar Surf & Turf: Four Tostones, two topped with Ropa Vieja and the other with Camaron Enchilado served with avocado sauce (Saturdays)
-Pilar Grilled Cheese: Fried plantains, cheddar and Gryere cheese, with an espresso-mustard on multi-grain bread

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