Taqueria Coatzingo: NYC: Jackson Heights

FA Rating: F+
Price: $

I'd flown in from Atlanta and gotten off the Q33 at 82/Roosevelt, where I would be getting on the 7 Train. I wanted one more good meal before my vacation week officially ended, so I looked around for some good Mexican food. This was the first place that looked good, so I popped in. I think I made a good choice. I'm still wrapping my mind around the way Mexican restaurants works here. In Texas, we have our own brand, with restaurants memes, menus all looking pretty much the same, but man, the menus in NY at these places are even more homogenous.

Anyhow, the prices are as reasonable as anywhere I've seen up here, and there was Tapatio sauce on the table, always a good sign. As soon as the waitress brought me the chips and salsa, I breathed a sigh of bliss. I could see I'd made a good choice.

The salsa was right up my alley: roasted tomato, with lime and tons of cilantro and with a good kick throughout and with the occasional just a bit too spicy bite of a jalapeno pepper.

Mmm.. it burns so good. The chips were too salty, but they were great once I'd shaken them off a bit.

I ordered the chorizo huaraches, and they were delicious, though when I think of chorizo in Mexican food, rather than the little cubes I was served here, I imagine something more like this:

But I love how for 8 bucks (after tax, before tip), I go a huge plate of chorizo huaraches, a bunch of jalapenos, some radishes, a lime, an interesting spicy dipping sauce, and of course the chips and salsa:

See, I order huaraches 'cause they're actually not on typical Tex-Mex menus. They're so fun and different!

Trying to construct the perfect bite, with some of everything available to me :]

I could eat here a hundred times and love it every time, that is, if I weren't addicted to always trying new things. As it is, I'll probably never go again just 'cause I have to continue my neurotic quest to try everything/where, but for those of you who just want some fucking tasty Mexican shit on your way from LaGuardi, do it to it.

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