The cashier, who was apparently new, had a tiny bit of white paint on his left eye.  Just seems worth noting.

Let's see, a delightful soft little steamed bun, with meat (the pork belly with the nice layer of fat on top slightly more delicious than the very delicious hanger steak, and the crushed peanuts, cilantro, Haus relish and Taiwanese red sugar are all just super.. 

Chairman and House Baos

The sweet bao "fries" (fried pieces of bao buns) are a tasty little treat, though I couldn't taste any taro flavor in the taro sauce topping I chose.  

Next time I'll try the black sesame (they've apparently discontinued the other toppings listed on the website: Durian, Pandan, S.B.J (sesame, butter and jelly)*.  

Ah, that's right, that's why I was bored.  As a foodie asshole, 95% of the reason I wanted to go here was for these dipping sauces (as they're referred to on the website, while these would more appropriately be called "drizzles"), so when 3 of the 5 "sauces" are gone, and the one I did get to try didn't amount to much more than a sugary, light purple stickiness, I'm a sad foodie :[  Gimme my dipping sauces!!!

*Oddly, though I wrote this review on September 9, 2010, the website still claims these sauces.  Makes me wonder if they're back..  I've been meaning to go at least one more time anyway, especially as now Eddie is apparently playing around even more here.

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