Fun Banh Mis at Baoguette

I've now been to Baoguette twice, once in the Financial District and once in the newer West Village location. The Financial District one has a few stools and some limited counter space, and at the West Village one can either get one's food to go or else do the table service thing.

Classic - $6.25 - Pork, Terine, Pate, Fresh Herbs

Inside the classic

This was good, but the bread was flawed, not perfectly fresh and crisp on the outside, though soft enough on the inside. I also asked for a little sriracha and a few jalapenos, and this apparently confusing request instead garnered me jalapenos and no sriracha. This classic Banh Mi wasn't as good as Hanco's.

But the selling point for this place is that they also offer some off the banh mi-ten path (okay, yeah, sorry) options.

 Sloppy Bao - $7.25 - with spicy red curry beef, green mango, basil and jalapenos.

Inside the Sloppy Bao

Tasty, tasty, but sadly there wasn't enough of the mango, basil or jalapeno to really contend with the red curry beef flavors. I'm guessing that the quality of your sandwich depends on who's back there in the kitchen at the time, how busy they are, and how much they give a shit whether yours is a well executed culinary delight.

I plan to go back at least once more to try the spicy cat fish sandwich with cucumber relish, pickled red onion, mustard and jalapenos.

By the way, they also keep the price for their Vietnamese style iced coffee down to $2.50, which is pretty rad.

Baoguette Pho Sure on Urbanspoon

Baoguette on Urbanspoon

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