Two Boots Pizza: NYC: Multiple Locations

It's not hard to find great pizza in NYC, but it can be a tiny challenge to get a fast, NY-style pizza slice with a nice, interesting set of toppings.  Enter Two Boots Pizza.

Not to be confused with the run-of-the-mill NY pizza chain Two Bros. Pizza, Two Boots offers slices (as well as a bunch of other foodstuffs) with all kinds of interesting combinations and names, such as "Earth Mother", "The Dude", and "The Newman".  Cute cute.

Of course, they're consequently $4 a slice instead of $1 or $2.

I've been to two of their locations, though they're all over Manhattan (also one in Brooklyn) as well as a location in L.A., in Baltimore and in Bridgeport.  Last summer I was patronizing the West Village location a bit due to its proximity to The Cubby Hole, the lesbian bar in Manhattan.  If it stayed open later than 11pm, I would've been there a lot more often.

Sadly, that was a time before I took pictures of everything I ate.  Also, I can't seem to find my paper menu with my notes on what I tried.  I will try not to cry.

Today, I went to Grand Central Station in order to try Flex Donuts, but I learned that the Flex guy is only there M-F from noon till 1 or 2 P.M., possibly for only another week, and that people actually line up by 11:30 A.M. or even earlier.  I'm working on a top donuts list, so I guess I'm going to have to do that shit on Wednesday.  Being an asshole is hard work, people.

Anyhow, this led to me getting a slice of pizza from the people of Two Boots in their GST location.

marinated chicken, plum tomatoes, fresh garlic, mozzarella
As you may have noticed, there were only two slices of tomato and only a few pieces of chicken.  Lame.  This, for instance, should never happen:

No toppings anywhere in the top third of my slice?

sad foodie
Also, the crust was too hard, leaving my mouth scraped up for the remainder of the day.

In their defense, I recall the pizza being much better at the other location.  It could be that this location sucks or is hit or miss.  And next time, I need to remember to choose my slice, at least if the dude picks up a lackluster one.

Interesting to note about the Grand Central Station dining situation: it's a pretty badass food court, as far as food courts go.  Not only are the options sweet, but it seems that maybe everywhere down there gives Delta SkyMiles, or else it was a coincidence that the two places I ate at today (Two Boots and Ciao Bella) did.

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