Corner Burger: Brooklyn: Park Slope

Having noticed a tasty menu back in the summer when I was strolling along in the area during the Brooklyn Pride Parade, I let myself buy a Groupon for this place back in the days when my Groupon-buying policy was less rigid than now. In other words, the menu isn't breathtaking, but it's not bad.

I started with a Brooklyn Pilsner.  Ah, so good, so refreshing..

Then I downed some Lactaid and shared the Poutine Galvaude as an appetizer:

which consists of fries, cheese curds, shredded roasted chicken, peas, and classic sauce (gravy)
I have to say I enjoyed this a lot more than the poutine with smoked meat at Mile End.  It wasn't too salty (or maybe my tastes have just adapted to the saltier norther cuisine), and quite frankly that's just some delicious shit right there.  The fries were that wonderful kind that are a little crispy crunchy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside.. I think maybe this kind I love has batter on them now that I'm thinking about it.  You can get poutine with a bunch of different kinds of stuff on it (including a totally vegetarian option).  Indulge away.

Then we shared a burger:

with lettuce, tomato, onion, sauteed mushrooms, and pesto mayo
A solid, tasty burger, though now my brain has started comparing my burgers to Farm Burger.  How terrific, now I've upped my taste bud's standards to grass-fed cow beef.  Fuck.

Burger rating: 7/10
Fry rating: 8/10

FA Rating: FF
Price: $

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