Rockin' Raw: NYC: Williamsburg

Update: Rockin' Raw has moved to Manhattan.

This is a really nice place. The service was really nice, and, though the space is a bit narrow, there's a good outside area.
I started with the yam chips and dip. The dip was creamy and lemony and was very nice, and the chips tasted good, but they were a bit hard (not in a crispy way).

I then had the Peruvian Trio Plate. All of that was terrific, except that the peppers stuffed with minced mushrooms, eggplant, herbs and cashew cheese were unpleasantly hot (spicy hot, that is). That plate came with a delicious, creamy, orange-colored dipping sauce though that made up for it.

My sister had the Rockin' Raw Burger lunch combo. The soup of the day was a cucumber, mint thing, which wasn't all that great. It was kind of bland, really, not much depth to it. The salad was wonderful though, and the burger was delicious. Just to warn you though, it's small, and it comes on that harder kind of rye bread. She got the tamarind juice with that, which was tasty and refreshing. For her dessert, she chose the pina colada ice cream, which was really good and, again, refreshing (we were there on one of those 95+ days, so this was very important).

I ordered the chocolate lucuma cheesecake and the carob vanilla ice cream, at the waiter's strong recommendation. I wanted more carob, but it was still tasty. The cheesecake was huge, which was interesting after all the small portions. It was delicious, though I left the place still not entirely sure what lucuma tastes like...

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