Taste Test: Little Debbies Versus Hostess

I knew I'd be wanting a dessert soon, and the only real option was my corner bodega, so my options were limited.  What I decided to do was get a two pack of both Little Debbie and Hostess snack cakes and engage in a taste test with my roommate.

It was a single blind set up as I knew the identities of the snack cakes but my roommate did not.

As you can see, Hostess is on the left, LD on the right
The Little Debbies were only $.99 to the Hostess' $1.39 price tag, so I wanted to know if this heralded a difference in quality as well.  Also interesting to note, the more expensive Hostess cakes actually have few calories than the Little Debbie dudes.  The Hostess cakes indeed look smaller, though they also look more dense.  The Little Debbie cakes are black to Hostess' brown.  The swirlies pretty much seem the same.


My roommate guessed wrongly which cake came from which brand, but he came to the same conclusion I did, that the Little Debbies are a bit better, with more nuance to the sweetness, whereas the Hostess is sweeter but too hard-hitting, the sugar kind of hurting your head in that fuzzy, staticky, too sweet way.

Now you know.  Little Debbie all the way!  (That is, if you don't mind putting that kind of crap in your body).

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