NYC: Bed Stuy: Heavenly Crumbs

Heavenly Crumbs (website is under construction)* sells custom designed cakes as well as some small baked goods from a small storefront in Bed Stuy on Franklin Ave. near a lot of the cool restaurants.  It's been in the neighborhood for years, and it'd been on my list to check out since the first time I google-mapped the neighborhood into which I knew I'd be moving.

The woman working there (who I'd guess is also the owner) was very, very friendly.  The cupcakes looked really run-of-the-mill, circa 2009 cupcakey, so I opted for a sweet potato pie and a monster mix cookie:

They were fine, but the cookie (about 1.5 inches in diameter) was $1.50 and the pie (2.5 inches) was $4.25, and those prices seem steep for the quality to me.  Maybe their custom cakes are cool.

I ate the cookie and half of the pie for dessert that night, and then the next night, after getting exceedingly drunk, I vaguely recall slathering it with Trader Joe's Valencia Peanut Butter with Roasted Flax Seeds, popping it into the toaster over for a couple of minutes and downing it way too quickly as my version of more normal people's self-hatred inducing (caused?) ice cream binges.

*Maybe this means the restaurant's concept is also under construction, which I'd guess is necessary if they'd like to stay afloat.

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