Jive Turkey's Fried Turkeys

I was wandering around my neighborhood early last summer, when I noticed something about the Food Network in the peripheral vision to my left. And what should I spy but an advertisement that this little joint in Bed Stuy has been featured on TV THREE times!  Thus, I went in.  Into Jive Turkey*.

From the HDTV screen on which they play their television appearances on a loop at all times, I learned about their made to order whole fried turkeys, which one can order and have shipped anywhere in the US, packaged for easy reheating.  The Peking Turkey, the Orange Zinfadel, Honey Pecan, Peach Bourbon, Mexican Mole! Damn snap!

They also have food to order.  The first time I went in, I had the hand carved fried turkey sandwich with lettuce & tomato and dilled havarti cheese on slices of challah bread for $6.46.

Sad Foodie didn't take pictures of everything she ever ate back then.
The proportion of turkey to all else was too high, and the challah bread not quite as challah-y as I'd hoped.  It was like a sandwich your dad would've made for you, which honestly can be nice sometimes.

The second time I went I was in a hurry to get food and then get ready for and go to my UCBT class, so after the very strange calculations my brain performed for the first 15 minutes it was awake that morning, I decided on returning to Jive Turkey for a final time (so that I could finally write this little review you're reading), and I set off hurriedly down the road.

I ordered the turkey meatloaf.  There's an option on the menu to get the meatloaf portion alone or with "mashed potatoes and vegetables" for $2.20 more.  I inquired as to the nature of the "vegetables" mentioned and was told there'd be broccoli and a few slices of carrots.  Because that was uninteresting, I ordered "just the meatloaf, then" as well as a side order of cornbread dressing.

After a few minutes later, the cashier let me know that they didn't have cornbread dressing that day.  "Okay, I'll have the yam brulee."  Yes, I do have a back up plan in mind for almost every restaurant excursion I go on.

A few minutes later still, the cashier lets me know that their credit card system is down and their till isn't opening today.  "Okay, I'll just go get some change across the street.  Be right back!"  Does that make me a tool?  I can't decide.

I paid $1.50 for a 20 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper (which I wouldn't end up drinking for 2 days, by the way) in order to get the change for my twenty.  Also interesting to note: there were 4 large black men in the convenience store, all talking crudely about women and generally being silly and obnoxious.  I just walked around them, doing my thing.  But the Indian (or, you know, whatever) cashier actually apologized to me for them, saying, "We don't usually have people like that in here, I promise!"  I was like, it's cold, dude, *shrug*.

I got back to JT and paid, and it was only then that I considered that $11.50 seemed too high.  Then it dawned on me that oh, after my questioning the cashier had thought that I meant I did want that mashed potato/vegetable option when what I'd meant was I'll just have the turkey meatloaf part and simply order a different side instead of doing that combo thing.  Now, were I not a dweeb, I would have said, "Hey, can I substitute a different side for the mashed potatoes and vegetables?"  But, alas.

Anyway the whole thing took like 40 plus minutes, and I shouldn't blame them as I'm sure most of that shit was totally my bad (poor planning, unreasonable expectations).  But either way, I got home at 2:10, and my goal was to get out the door for my UCBT class by 2:15, 2:20 at the latest.  So I attempted to take pictures, eat the food, make and drink an iced latte and get dressed and out the door for class in 10 minutes or less.  As I was all but ready to do, I decided nah, I was in no shape to be improvising for three hours.

I had eaten most of the entree and some of the yam brulee that day, and a couple of days later I had the rest as cold to luke warm leftovers at work, so the opinion I have of these things is based on my memories of those moments in my life:

Turkey meatloaf portion with mashed potatoes and vegetables
Well, she wasn't kidding about "broccoli and a few slices of carrots."  And no, there aren't any more vegetables hiding in the mashed potatoes.  It tasted good.

Yam brulee
Very sweet!  I finally figured it out I think, that there's a bunch of pineapple in there!  It's fun sometimes when people don't list every single ingredient of each dish on their menus.  Then I get to play a guessing game!  That's just a lot of yam.  It should be at least 4 servings, really.

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*Their website is down, so I direct you to a wonderfully informative site.

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