Bombay Heights: NYC: Bed Stuy

A month or so ago, we (by which I mean those of us in the northwest portion of Bed Stuy, near the Clinton Hill border) got a new Indian restaurant, Bombay Heights.  I've been meaning to check it out since it opened, and I finally got around to it the other day.

I have this issue with ever getting Indian food in NY because I was so used to the prices in Dallas, where I started eating Indian food.  Dallas has a sizable nice Indian population, and if you take a menu from here and knock 2-3 bucks off every entrée, that's a Dallas menu.  But dear god it'd been too damn long since I'd had Indian food, and here it is, available in my little neck of the 'hood.

I ordered the "daily special" where you get to choose one appetizer and one entrée from a shortened list.  Of course, it was way too much food:

pappadam on plate; malai kebab in aluminum tin; korma in tupperware up there

Try green sauce; it's delicious!  Brown too.  Naan so soft and warm..  Mango chutney awesome;  korma chicken tender and sauce addictively creamy and delicious... Everything so good...

I mean what do you say about Indian food?  It's just so fucking good.  Maybe I've only ever had awesome Indian food or maybe I just don't have a sophisticated enough palate for certain nuances of this cuisine, but in my experience, Indian food is always heavenly.  Anyone had bad Indian food?  I'd kinda wanna go just to compare.

The malai kebab was actually a little disappointing though:

Malai Kebab

I was hoping for creamier or at least more tender.

So the food was pretty much the bomb.  But it's struck me as a strange location for such a restaurant, and I'm not sure how successful it's going to be. They need to be on their game with promoting the place.  They have these signs on the windows that explain there's free wi-fi for customers, but I don't see how anyone's going to feel comfortable coming in and opening his laptop on a table like this:

They gave me some pappadam while I waited for my take out order.  It was good.

I mean, they just make things a little too nice-ish for busting out laptops.  Plus there's not much space to work with, especially when you consider the feast you're inevitably ordering (though next time I'm just ordering one dish; there was no need for the appetizer, really.  As it was, I should've been sharing that with at least one other person).

I imagine they make the rent from deliveries.  I pass the place by all the time on my way to and from the YMCA, and there are usually only 1 or 2 people in there if anyone at all.  I just don't know whether or not I'll continue to be able to get Indian food delivered to my door!  It's too bad they don't stay open later than 10:30 P.M.  Oh and they need to put their hours on their window, but they're noon to 10:30 (11 P.M. on Friday/Saturday).

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