SCRATCHBread in Bed Stuy

SCRATCHBread has extended their Bed Stuy window to Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-8PM. More awesomely, the window will now also be open on Saturdays from 9 AM - 6 PM and Sundays from 6 AM - 2 PM, and they'll have more food!  And even more interesting and wonderful than I would have predicted:

Sandwiches on SCRATCHBread like this:

-MARKETsandwich = summer ratatouillie + goat cheese + dandelion greens on lemon focaccia....

With SCRATCHSpreads, which have included such wonders as:

-pink beans with goat cheese and pickled red onions
-bacon fat-fried pink beans, queso cotija, local oregano and black peppercorns
-kale pesto

Read more here. And rejoice.

Rosemary, Chili, Sea Salt Focaccia = good stuff, sandwiches all week!

Plantain crumbcake: delicious, moist dense, a bit spicy!  oh yeah, yeah yeah

Fennel, Vanilla, Sourdough breadcrumb turnover (is that the right word for this muffin?), yes yes yes, fennel and vanilla, who fucking knew? I want to have that again. Tomorrow.

They were also selling salted caramel hot chocolate. If it had been longer ago that I'd had that feast from Bombay Heights, I would've gone for it as it looked thick, rich and warmly inviting, but alas, I already suspected I was going to be eating both the muffiny things as soon as I got home, on accident (which I did). Now my stomach hurts :[

I'm glad these ruled 'cause the first thing I tried from SCRATCHBread's window was a good but pretty "vanilla" (irony!) chai sticky bun.

Oh and look how fucking cute the packaging they use is:

I felt so adorably and quaint walking home with my little packages tucked under my arms.

They sell their stuff to specialty grocery stores, but they have a window open at Bedford and Lexington on Wednesday from 4-8 P.M.  And on Saturdays and Sundays you can buy their stuff at the Brooklyn Flea Market.  You can also potentially find their goodies at the Cafe Grumpys, Dandelion Wine, Greene Grape, Blue Apron Fine Foods, Glass Shop, Black Gold, Brooklyn Larder,and The Brooklyn Kitchen.

I went back to the window this past Wednesday and have fallen even more deeply in love with these people and their baked treasures. I got this bourbon wheat loaf for $6 and have been having it in all sorts of forms all week:

Bourbon Wheat Loaf $6

This may be the best loaf of bread I've ever had.  It was so... real.

And then I had this V-Bar. It's a vegan, gluten-free, $3 treat, made with rice flour, crushed hazelnuts, and cocoa nibs with a tamarind, white chocolate chutney*. Once again, the woman working there asked if I'd be eating it then or if she should wrap it up. Once again, buying it with the intention to fit it into my diet later, I asked her to wrap it up. I didn't even make it home before I ate half of it, thus the ghetto picture:

Half of a V Bar $3

And once I got home and took a picture I promptly ate the rest. There were so many flavors exploding in my mouth in perfect harmony with one another. This concoction ranks with excellent sushi, certain songs (and of course a really good, well, you know) among the select few things that force me into the moment, shutting off the chatter in my brain for a few moments by overtaking me with pleasure.  You must try this yourself.

I tried another loaf of their bread, the Parma Loaf:

Parma Loaf

I've been making delicious sandwiches, toast, and just plain ol' slices o' bread with this.

I also tried a new (to me) $3 treat:

Buttercream Brownie

Honestly, it's a good brownie, but nothing to write home about, especially after having their V Bar. Speaking of which, I bought one to give as a gift to someone, which allowed me to take a picture of it whole this time since last time I didn't make it home without halving it with my mouth:

V Bar: Cute and Fucking Incredibly Tasty

The adorable little bar near the F/G Bergen stop (just northwest of Smith on Bergen St.) 61 Local is usually serving a SCRATCHBread treats or two on their menu, sometimes for the same price you'd pay at the window, sometimes a buck more.

*Good gravy, read the description of the V-Bar in full:

"This is one of the most delicious things I have ever made. Yea it’s vegan, yea it don’t have no gluten either. Because you people don’t have enough clean, ridiculously sexy foods, aside from fresh veggies… This is to show you I luv you too. No processed crap here. Little top off of fennel seed, black pepper, salt, and sugar crunch accents the tart, currant, tamarind center, stuffed between the perfectly nutty, creamy, chewy, crunchy, doughy robe. This is perfect. This is a freakin cookie.

Ingredients: White chocolate, hazelnuts, rice flour, cocoa nibbs, palm sugar, tamarind, currants, black pepper, fennel seed, dried chilies & sea salt." SCRATCHbread on Urbanspoon

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