Nice Pizza: NYC: Bed Stuy

A lady on the G Train alerted me to the existence of this French style pizza place a few blocks away from me.  And it's apparently been here in Bed Stuy for a while, all ahead of its time 'n' shit.

She urged me to try the brie tart:

There it is.
Eh, it didn't really float my buttons the way she'd led me to expect, but that's probably because I don't really care for tarts or any flaky crusted things, whereas almost everyone else shits their pants for them, so give it a try!  Also, the salad was delightful and served with some kick ass ranch.  Hell yeah, Frenchies.

enter the brie cave

When I told one of my roommates I'd be ordering pizza and asked if he'd like to go in with me, I asked if he had any preferences for what kind of pizza to get.  He said, "Oh, the La Marguerite (tomato, cheese, oregano) is fine."

Fucking hell no.  I told him I'd just make the decisions then, and I ordered this guy:

La Baltique - tomato, cheese, smoked salmon, heavy cream, mushrooms, capers

Oh yeah.  Lactaid downed, I bit in.

yes yes yes
I was hoping for a softer crust, this being of the very thin and crunchy school of pizzas.  I guess that's the French way?  Whatev's, focus on the creamy, salty, salmony flavor bomb.

You don't have to get delivery or do a take out order though; it's very nice inside and pretty darn large too.  At least in the evenings, it's dimly lit and uncrowded.  When I went in there was a nicely dressed, upper-middle-aged white couple dining on pizza and wine.  How cute.

Then some hipster-ish guy walked in and said, "Hey, can I, like, just have like a slice of pizza?  And some tea? (Tea is, by the way, not listed on the menu.)  And do you guys have soup?"

He got a "Sure, okay, no, sorry," from the guy working there.  I was hoping he would've added something catty, like, "Sure thing, and would you care for some egg rolls?  A Jamba Juice?"

I mean I'll play around with menus and combinations of stuff, and in fact I advocate doing so, but come on dude.

Anyhow, this place is rockin'.  And you get the little thing they're doing with their name, right?

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