Little Skips: NYC: Bushwick

Life has led me to Little Skips multiple times now, and I don't fight it.  The place sort of makes me happy and perhaps zen-ish, to the point where I am totally fine with my breakfast date and I ordering the same exact meal*, The Norwegian open face sandwich and an americano.

The Norwegian $7

"The Norwegian: Goat cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, tomato, and red onion on a multi-grain flat bread"

This was of course delicious, I mean, look at the ingredients, yum.  What I really want to talk about is the americano, and here's where I make a confession.  Despite the fact that I love coffee, that I had a crush on it as a Mormon kid, that it was one of my first outlets for my rebellious spirit, and that I worked at a coffee shop for the latter three of my four undergrad years, I've really allowed myself to be a very low-brow coffeephile this whole time.  I've been pretty aware of my ignorance (though ever more and more so) for a couple of years, but I've sort of fought learning for a variety of reasons but mostly A) calories and B) cynicism.

One morning, I allowed the good people of Little Skips the opportunity to change my life, and they did.  I got the americano without any kind of cream or sweetener.  For starters it looked beautiful, with a golden, frothy little coffee head.  And once it had cooled down enough to sip, I experienced all these wonderful roasty flavors.  I haven't developed a vocabulary yet for what the flavors were except maybe there were hints of tobacco and also that I recognize the roasted notes of many of the good stouts and porters I love so much.

Half way through I decided to add some simple syrup to see if I might enjoy it even more afterwards, and you know what?  I didn't.  I regretted adding it.  This is basically a miracle.

So I'm now going to be in an americano phase, ordering it at every coffee shop to which I go for comparisons.

This is the kind of place that makes me sad to leave NYC.  But it's also the kind of place that is the reason, if you'll follow me for a minute.

Little Skips is a really cool coffee shop/cafe whereat one can get one's coffees and teas, simple or specialty, made with care.  Those who run the place and who work there are friendly, young, and hip in the best and least obnoxious ways.

You can also have some delightful food there, such as the (M)mmm Train sandwich, named after the train you've had to learn to sleep through if you live nearby.

(M)mmm Train: goat cheese, pesto, turkey, hard boiled egg, spinach, honey, tomato, red onion

The girl who brought me here said that they usually have a more fun type of bread, but either way, sometimes I need some delightful simplicity in my life.  And this was a nice mix of simple and fun, with the goat cheese being tamed well by the pesto, honey, tomato and vegetable situation.

I was excited to learn that they have almond milk available, so I had a "Jack and Taylor" latte with almond milk.  Check out the reasoning behind the name:

"When we heard from Dan Costello, (a friendly musician we love) that Jake Gylenhaal and Taylor Swift were in NYC going from cafe to cafe looking for maple syrup lattes, it was an instant and brainless decision to add the drink to the menu with the “Jake & Taylor” name. Maple syrup is delicious."

It was indeed delicious, with just the right amount of sweetness.

If you take a look around the shop or their website, you'll see they really care about their coffee.  I'd love to have their "Da Bomb" coffee (sweetened condensed milk, espresso, frothed milk), which sounds like a wonderful take on Vietnamese coffee.  They also have a "Bushwick Egg Cream" in which they insert espresso, which sounds like the first egg cream for which I might give two shits and a hand clap.

They rotate art from all kinds of local artists on their walls, they have that good ol' flyer corner by the door filled with great stuff, and each of their tables is unique and awesome.

Here's a shot from one of the tables.

They sell those stone ground Taza chocolates that I love so much (and actually for $4.50, which is cheaper than I've seen at large grocery stores), which makes me love this place more by extension.

Apparently they're doing occasional open mics there too.  Goddamn, I wish this were my corner coffee shop.

The real problem with me (the one I said I'd get back to), is that I won't allow myself to have "my coffee shop" or restaurant of any kind here because I just have to go try all these new things.  Thus, I don't build up relationships with the people at the joints, and I don't really get to sit back and take things in and maybe start something here.  I just rush around madly with a bunch of checklists all the time.  I know you'll say, "Then just stop," but you don't understand the compulsion.  This is why I must live somewhere less grand than NYC.  I want to be able to be a regular of at least one place.

That being said, I think if I do come back while still poor, I may do the whole Bushwick thing.  I think I'm coming to understand the whole dynamic, and it's way better than Bed Stuy, for my needs anyway.

By my most recent trip, I'd switched to straight espresso.

While the picture is shitty, the espresso was the nectar of the gods.

Little Skips on Urbanspoon Espresso Rating: 9/10

*Normally, neurotic foodies have to make sure everyone orders totally different things so as to maximize what we're able to try.

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