Shanghai Kitchen: NYC: Chinatown

I can only speak to the three dishes I tried (as well as the friendly service, and good comfort/cleanliness levels here).

Pork Steamed Buns: 8 delicious, fresh, fluffy balls of steaming dough with pork inside for $4, yessiree.

Country Style Duck: Oddly, this was recommended to my friend by someone who should know good food, but it was pretty bad (check out the sad picture). The two of us only ate a couple slivers of it before giving up, and I hate wasting food. I think maybe it's possible to get good duck, but we weren't so lucky. 

Country style duck - a pint for $4.50 or a quart for $8.25

I'd stick to other dishes, such as Eggplant with Garlic Sauce: $6.50 for a huge plate of beautiful, thick, purple slices of eggplant in a rich, sweet (but not too sweet) garlic sauce with rice. Mm, indulgence..

Now I wouldn't consider myself an expert of Chinatown adventures, but it seems to me that this place is a solid options for tons of yumminess at little cost. I'd love anyone with an opinion to weigh in with a comparison of, say, this place and the famous/infamous Joe's Shanghai.

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