Cafetasia: NYC: East Village

My sister and I had brunch here, and it was such a delightful experience. First of all, the space is awesome. It's sleek and modern, with just the right amount of neat art on the walls. The seating is terrific, with the wall lined with one long bench and seats on the other side of that, as well as wooden picnic-style tables in the middle. This way, 1 person, 2 people, or large parties can all be perfectly comfortable. They clearly take pride in keeping the establishment clean, including the restroom, which was perfectly clean and well stocked. They even have the water saver buttons, where you press one button for #1 and another for #2.

The waitress who served us was very friendly, always filling our glasses and totally accommodating. They have a 12:30-8 happy hour, a $13 prix fixe menu, and $8-$9 brunches.

I tried the calamari fritters, which were served with a creamy and awesome ginger-avocado sauce.

The prix fixe dinner included the coconut galangal soup, which was a bit more watery and spicy than I prefer, but I'm being picky about that. It also comes with crispy spring tempura rolls, which were good, but the pineapple vinaigrette dipping sauce they come with is the real seller on that dish. Finally, you get some chicken and shrimp shumai with a boring soy vinaigrette. That part was just kind of filler (no reason to order it on its own).

The massaman curry is very nice. It's not as rich as many (which probably helps your caloric budget), but instead focuses on the nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove.

I had the Eggs Benedict brunch, which is served with bacon, some greens, tomatoes, and a yummy Thai spicy Hollandaise sauce. It was cooked perfectly and very tasty.

How I felt about that plate:

My favorite part of the meal may actually have been the lychee mimosa included in my $9 Eggs Benedict brunch. It was delicious, especially when I got to the end and ate the champagne soaked lychee fruit. Mmm...

I also tried the coconut ice cream, made with real coconut, which was a delightful way to end the meal.

There are always happy hours and specials on food and drinks happening here, so come any time!

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