NYC: East Village: Saint Mark's Place: Mamoun's Falafel

People will recommend this place to you all the time, and for good enough reasons: this place is cheap, tasty, fast, open late, vegan friendly, and fairly people friendly.  It's small, but you can often sit down as many people come, order, pay, eat, and leave in under 7 minutes.

Falafel 'n' Hummus

It doesn't do much for my needs since they have a vanilla menu*.  Also, while they're probably the cheapest in Manhattan, they're not incredible in some way that makes them requisite foodie eating.  My point is, if you're a tourist or something, this doesn't need to be on your list, but if you work up an appetite getting a tattoo down the street, use your last $2.50 on some delicious falafel!

*I'm going to start using this as a term on my site, by the way.

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