The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck: NYC: Food Truck (often Union Square)

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck has been putting Mister Softees to shame with their funky flavors of soft serve and much more awesome name since 2009.

They serve crowd pleasing delicious soft serve ice cream here, like the Salty Pimp with dulce de leche sauce, sea salt and a chocolate dip.  Or you could up the ante to to Cococone, soft serve vanilla ice cream with toasted curried coconut.  And then there're always daily specials, like the day I got fig-infused balsamic vinegar:

Gig-infused balsamic vinegar

In honesty, I didn't notice any figgy-ness.  And balsamic on ice cream was interesting but not something I'd rush out to recreate.  They've done sriracha on ice cream too, and I'm betting it's similar in outcome.  If you wanna know what their daily flavors will be, subscribe to their twitter.

I can't help but love this place for the creativity, fun, and adventurousness, as well as the fact that it came to success by virtue of social networking and calling the truck The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.  I mean, that shit's just brilliant.

Update from summer 2011:

The Big Gay Ice Cream people have enjoyed the notoriety of being on the shop Top Chef Just Desserts, and are clearly doing well. They've opened up a shop of at 125 East 7th St. (between 1st and A) with even more funny and funky treat options.

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