(CLOSED)Galaxy Global Eatery: NYC: Grammercy/Flatiron District/Union Square

Update: February 14, 2011:

I wound up in a conversation with a bartender last night who used to work here at Galaxy.  I asked her whether it was true it was closed, and she said she wasn't sure but that the owner has passed away from cancer.  I am truly sorry to hear this, and I wish his wife the best.  I loved this man's creativity, and he will be missed.

Update: February 10, 2011:

According to Urbanspoon, this place has closed.  Why?!?!

But then I just found this nice review.  Is it closed or what?

September 2, 2010:

While I've read reviews where others complain of poor service, my experience has been quite the opposite both times I've visited.  I've been greeted warmly and treated graciously, the waitresses on both occasions chatting warmly when appropriate, though never overbearing or awkward.
The space is nice, with somewhat dim lighting and a delightful little view of the surrounding Union Square neighborhood, as well as a small but clean restroom.
This place is also open till 2:30 A.M. Sunday through Thursday, and 3:30 or 4:00 A.M. Friday and Saturday night. This is probably the best food you can get at 3 A.M., supposing you're not fabulously wealthy.
There are so many fun and interesting and sure to be delicious dishes I want to try, but so far, these are what I've tried:
Breakfast (their weakest point):
-Chorizo Huevos: This is a tasty plate of food, though I think there ought to be some fresh cilantro added!

-California Burrito: This large plate of food was very nice, though there isn't anything particularly surprising or amazing going on here

-While I haven't tried it yet, I'd suggest trying the Eggs Benedict as they serve it on one of the greatest carbs ever: a Portuguese roll.

Now onto Lunch/Dinner:

-Galaxy Unchicken Drumsticks: These were delicious, and the sugar cane was nice to chew on afterwards. The spicy banana ketchup was fun and the caper berry dipping sauce was absolutely yummy.
-Fennel Cashew Tofu Steak: Mmm.. it comes with hemp oil vinaigrette, how fun is that?!
-Smoked Eel Burger: Whoa, a bit indulgent with all the fattiness involved with blended eel, not to mention the soft, delicious Portuguese roll showing up unannounced on the menu (not complaining!), but a smooth delight. The beet chips were good, and the cucumber seaweed salad and tankatsu sauce were actually my favorite part of the meal.

So look, this place is fun, interesting, tasty, open late, and, as far as I've experienced, a totally hospitable place. Oh and they also have an amazing tea menu.

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