Flower's Cafe in LES

I suppose if you live really close it might be somewhere you could go on occasion, if you're too lazy to make yourself a sandwich.  The service is pretty unfriendly, and all of the negative Yelp reviews clearly haven't inspired any improvements. The girl working there had to remake my smoothie, which was just fruit and ice anyway, for 5 bucks, sheesh.

The food is fine, but it's just an assortment of played out, run-of-the-mill options, and none of the baked goods are made there.  If I wanted to eat at a place like this (the only reason I did this once time was the unfortunate coincidence of my sister's hangover and impatience for a cold drink), I would live in a less culinarily inventive town.

Head down the block to Kossar's Bialys or The Doughnut Plant or something!

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