NYC: Park Slope: Beer Table

Unless you're rich, it's pretty silly to go here. At least not regularly. In this city, you can get beer and food that's just as good, rare, and interesting (or even more so) for much less than it costs here.

It is a neat experience though, the three wooden tables in this dimly lit yuppie zone, and the server who can go on presumably indefinitely enunciating the nuances of the flavors of each beer, keeping a straight face the whole time, despite your stoned friend giggling into your shoulder at the arguably ridiculous long-winded descriptions.

Basically, you're paying to be forced to really enjoy your food and beer. You're paying to be made more conscious of what you're consuming, and that's worth doing every now and then. The lengthy descriptions of the beer really fire up your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, and neuroimaging studies have shown reliably that this sort of thing really does lead to enhanced enjoyment, whether the purported "prune, granite, earthy, truffle, hibiscus," tones are "really there" or not.

Sad Foodie says, "Too dim for photos." At least with my phone camera.  Just got my new one in the mail, though!!!!

So a few times a year, even us non-rich folks really should go with a group of good friends to places like this and pay a little (or a lot) extra to be forced to stop and smell the roses (and the clove and the malt and the tobacco...)

One of the little plates I tried from their ever-changing menu was called sea beans.  It was interesting to try something I'd never had before, but it didn't taste good or otherwise do much for me, so I'd skip it unless you have the insane neophilia that I have.

sea beans

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