Cascabel Taqueria: NYC: UES

I was alerted to this place because of Thrillist I believe, and while I've abandoned Thrillist as just one too many damn food emails to read since they tend to only send emails about the most expensive, ritzy ass places, I'm grateful to them for pointing me toward Cascabel Taqueria.

It's like I dreamed this menu into existence.  Everything is remixed, rethought, all funky combinations of awesome stuff.  On my bookmarking of their website, I wrote that I would marry whoever came up with the menu, regardless of gender or any other little considerations.  I mean, check it out.  I've since promised my hand to the developers of still better menus, but that one is still pretty sweet.

Anyhow, when my mother came to town last summer, I made it one of our stops, during one of our all-day-long, walk-all-over-the-place days.

Being with my mother affected what I got to order, and we only had so much appetite to spend on that meal, considering all the other stops I had planned, so this is all I got to try:

Left: Carnitas Tacos, Right: Carne Asada Tacos

 These were both delicious, though there honestly might have been a slightly higher meat to other toppings ration than would've been optimal.

Before we ate that, my mother and I were excited about the salsa bottles on the table, especially the roasted tomato salsa.  Licking it from our eager fingers was so good that we asked if we could buy some chips to eat more of it.  They sold us a huge portion of chips for a buck, and we went to town.

Eight and a half bucks does feel a little expensive for two tacos, but I nonetheless want to go back for more food:

Cangrejo Y Maiz Frito 8

blue crab / corn / fresh salsa / piquillo pepper aioli


crispy yellowfin tuna belly / hearts of palm / olive / onion

Gorditas Con Puerco 6

heritage pork belly / chipotle honey glaze / cucumber / cilantro

On my physical menu but not listed on their website is this sandwich lunch option:

Cemita Poblano 9.5
shredded all natural pork butt / champagne mango / oaxaca cheese / queso fresco / smashed avocado aioli / papalo 

They also offer various flavors of snow cones with optional tequila and numerous other fascinating cocktails.

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