Orwasher's Bakery: NYC: UES

After eating at Mahjong Dumpling one day, I headed for Orwasher's Bakery for dessert.  A customer of mine a few months earlier had told me about her Monicakes that she was selling there on consignment (is there a different word for food?)

Cakies: cake inside cookie dough and then baked, which sounds pretty good and looks even better:

chocolate cake with sugar cookie
I really want to try her lemon cake with poppy seed cookie.

Then she'd also got these cakies:

Monicake drops
These look more like cookie dough inside a chocolate shell, but maybe that's wishful thinking.

When I arrived at Orwasher's I found out they no longer had her stuff, but I wound up finding other delights!  On top of that, I'd read that they were making loaves of bread with Sixpoint Otis Stout, which is one of my favorite beers in the world, so yeah, I bumped Orwasher's up on the agenda.

They were giving samples of that bread though, and I couldn't really taste the beer too well.  Maybe if I got a whole loaf I'd be able to taste it, but alas, I had to try other stuff now that I'd already sampled it.  Thus goes my neophilia.

I still wanted a dessert, and when I was told the filled donut in the case was peanut butter, that choice was made for me.

so heavy

turned out it was PB&J

good gracious
Honestly, it wasn't really all that great.  It was too dense instead of fluffy, and the dough should've been a bit sweeter.  I'm pretty darn spoiled by Dough though.

Since I was recently delighted by tomato jelly on some pork chops at BINO, I just had to buy some tomato jam they had on a jar there for $4.80.

I had been talking to the cashier about their interesting breads for a bit (they've got the stout one as well as cabernet and chardonnay breads), and she offered to give me a free loaf of my choosing since they'd be closing soon and'd have to dispose of them anyway.  So I wound up with a free chardonnay miche (which is good since that heavy donut was about $5).

chardonnay miche
The tomato jam is delightful.  I highly suggest buying some if you can find it or else making it.

I made a chardonnay miche, tomato jam, extra sharp raw cheddar, rosemary coconut milk egg sandwich with it that rocked:

Then I started experimenting with PB&Jam sandwiches with it.  I like it better without the banana.  That idea is still in the developmental process.  I'm thinking pecan butter might work best with tomato jam.  We'll see.

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