Originally Written August 22, 2010:

My foodie friend Amber and I went to AKO ready for some awesome food.  I had of course already studied the menu, but when she went to the restroom as soon as we arrived, I spent that time planning my moves to make sure we'd wind up ordering everything I had to try.  Then I realized that I was doing that, started laughing, pulled out my notebook and started writing about how many people might not realize what their crazy foodie friends are thinking about when they arrive at a restaurant and look at the menu.  I plot.  But I knew Amber is a foodie too, so when she got back I told her what I'd been thinking, laughing and writing about, and we laughed.

It turned out that we think the same enough that we both really wanted to order all the same things anyway.

We started with the spicy mango salad, and it was everything an appetizer should be. It was delicious, light, and made my mouth water for more. It had just the right amount of sweetness and spiciness from the sweet chili sauce, with the creamy deliciousness of the peanut, and the crunch of the jicama and vermicelli. And then the mango in every bite of all that? Yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Spicy mango salad

Tuna Salmon Twister - Spicy Cheery Aioli crunchy spicy salmon, sweet peanut roll topped with japanese spice crusted tuna & avocado.

Lobster Rock 'N Roll shrimp, avocado, cucumber roll with lobster salad mango & tobiko on the top.

Christmas - Green Tea-Sea Salt sun dried tomato, avocado roll with tuna & super white tuna on the top.

Pink Lady Tempura - Spicy Strawberry Cream shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, jicama, avocado wrapped in soy bean sauce.

It was the summer, and the restaurant owner had come and opened up the doors right behind me, and I wanted the delightful people-walking-by-in-the-summertime view, so I had joined Amber on her side of the table.

As you can see, they went to the trouble of presenting these rolls to us in style. Amber pointed out that the two of us look like such assholes with this in front of us, sitting on one side of the table, especially when two of our rolls are basically a Christmas and a Valentine's Day roll and its July and we're not in a relationship. Anyhow, I appreciated their presentation effort.  I joked that we should always sit on the same side of the table and start setting up a camera on a tripod and talk into it about the food right then and there, whether actually recording or not, we couldn't decide which would be funnier.

Yes, we were assholes, and it was out of this assessment of us that Amber made that led to my calling us foodie assholes, hence the name of my blog.

And jesus these rolls were wonderful. I'm still not sure what a "cheery aioli is" or even whether it mightn't be one of those typical Asian menu misspellings, but the roll was delicious and did indeed make me cheery. The lobster roll was also soooo goood. The Christmas roll was nice, but my least favorite of the four (that being said, still some of the better sushi I've had). The Pink Lady roll rocked. Man, oh man. And then I used a $25 coupon, so that, after tax and tip, my friend and I only paid $23 each for this feast. If you're not using Restaurant.com, you're missing out!

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