Best Snack Ever

And it's $.25 per bag, at least at all the bodegas in my neighborhood.  What what!

Every now and then after trips to my bodega that didn't go as planned, the angel on the one shoulder goes over and sits down next to the devil on the other and kind of says, “Okay, yeah…good call on insisting on buying those honey, bbq and cheese flavored cheetos.”


And I love how a lot of companies just won’t go there, insisting on only two flavors of fake, chemical bull shit flavoring per snack food, and then the good people of Wise said, “The people want honey, bbq, and cheese, we'll give them honey bbq cheese!  Hell, we’ll give the people honey bbq cheeze sour cream & onion, pizza blast sriracha pomegranate acai pork belly southern fried chicken foies gras puffs.”

Well I guess they haven't quite gone there yet, but one can dream.

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